Larry is condemned by Former Reagan's Business Advisory Council Member ♦♦ Greek-American Community endorses Manju Goel ♦♦ Manju Goel is endorsed by Chicago Tribune ♦♦ Manju Goel endorsed by Speaker Newt Gingrich ♦♦ Manju Goel endorsed by Joe Walsh ♦♦ Manju Goel endorsed by Aaron Schock ♦♦ Manju Challenges Kaifesh to debate on issues

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Endorsed by:
» Newt Gingrich
» Aaron Schock
» Joe Walsh
» Chicago Tribune
Newt Gingrich Endorsement
Newt Gingrich


As a skilled healthcare efficiency expert, Manju will bring exactly the kind of policy know-how to Congress that made us successful in the Nineties and that we need now to untangle and end Obamacare. I want to see Manju Goel in Congress" - Speaker Newt Gingrich.

Joe Walsh Endorsement
Joe Walsh

The Republican party will whither away and die unless it welcomes & attracts minority candidates who believe in freedom & limited government. Manju represents that face” - Former Congressman Joe Walsh

Chicago Tribune Endorsement
Daily Herald

The candidates hold similar positions on most issues, but Kaifesh speaks in broad strokes while Goel has a far deeper understanding of policy… Goel argues convincingly that untangling the ACA and Medicare are right in her wheelhouse. Goel is endorsed.

Aaron Schock Endorsement
Aaron Schock

Manju is our best Shot! She represents in the human form all of the ideal our party stands for: hard work, faith, strong family & american exceptionalism” - Dy. Whip Congressman Aaron Schock


Are you tired of a broken government? Support Manju Goel and help bring values back to Washington!

Manju Goel has learned first hand from her father and grandfather the value of hard work, the success of an entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to family. She has lived the American Dream. Manju has also seen the consequences of government intrusion, over taxation and over-regulation and how it kills small businesses. Manju is extremely concerned about the future of our country and the declining state of our economy.

To get our country back on track, Manju believes we must:

  • Limit the control of government in our daily lives
  • Lessen government’s out-of-control spending 
  • Lower taxes on hard-working families 
  • Encourage free-enterprise, entrepreneurship, personal responsibility, and free markets
  • Tighten national security to keep our country safe
  • End government-run health care


As our next Congresswoman, Manju will bring common-sense solutions to big government problems. She will work tirelessly to fix failed policies and bring stability to America’s economy.